Essential Points on How Responsive Web Design Affects SEO

Responsiveness in the world of Internet design means you can customize a website in different resolutions and screen sizes. So the website you see on your desktop can be easily restored to your phone or tablet without having to scroll sideways. Each button and text adapts to the screen and palm of your hand, which is surprising for the busy world. If getting traffic to your site is your desire, you need to improve your web design responsiveness.

Since responsiveness is a trend, it is evident that if you make your site unresponsive, it is likely to have its consequences! Besides availability and usability, there is more to worry about. Furthermore, ignoring web design is a fatal threat to SEO (Search Engine Optimization). In this article, we will talk about how your website’s SEO is affected by your site’s response.

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Bounce Rate

The bounce rate is only one of the SEO factors that play a crucial role in your website’s ranking. When a visitor comes to your site, they will want to spend some time on your site, and the aesthetics, functionality, and information of your site will convince them to stay. At any given time, if you do not have a responsive website, it is unlikely that users who visit your website from a cell phone will have excellent usage capabilities. Therefore, the end result will probably be the closure of your site, i.e., the return of the site. This may increase the bounce rate, and you will fall into the SEO competition.

Site Usability

web designThe biggest reason visitor bounces back from your website is the site usability. The traffic bouncing on the website is the usability of the site. The website’s usability is the measure by which individuals decide to what extent the website is usable for a particular user. Users will return from the website and can land on their competitor’s website!

Page Load Time

One of the most critical aspects of a good web presence in the new years has emerged. The study showed that a person stays on a website for five minutes while uploading it before finishing it in a typical case. If you don’t make your website accessible on the fly, loading the website will take considerable time. That’s why you can find out what happens if you don’t choose an inbound web design service.

These are the main disadvantages of not using mobile responsive websites. Suppose you understand the disadvantages of a non-reactive website. In that case, the smartest option for you may be to ask the website design company you hired to make your website responsive during the design process.

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