Top Best Search Engines in the World

Search engines are a compelling way of promoting your business’s website online. It would help if you considered them as your silent public relations firm, quietly working in the background. Many studies suggest that more than half of users found what they were looking for by using search engine features of the internet. The great thing about the search engine is that they bring targeted traffic to your website. These people are already motivated to purchase from you because they searched you out.

Search engine optimization involves several initiativessearch engine and activities that businesses can implement to achieve high search engine rankings. These activities address both on-page and off-page ranking factors that can affect a website’s or web page’s search engine rankings for specific search terms, ending up in a high placement in a search engine’s organic or natural search results. The following are search engines divisions:

Crawler-based Search Engines

It uses automated software programs to survey and categories of web pages. The programs used by the Seo to gain access to your website are called spiders, crawlers, bots, or robots. A spider finds a web page, download it, and analyses the information presented on the web page. It is a seamless process. The web page then adds to the search engine’s database. When you perform a search, the search engine checks its database of webpages for the keywords you searched on to present a list of link results. The examples of crawler-based search engines include Jeeves and Google.

Hybrid Search Engines

It uses a combination of both directory results and crawler-based results. More and more search engines nowadays are moving to a hybrid-based model. The examples of hybrid search engines include Yahoo and Google.


It uses human editors who decide what category the site belongs to; it places websites within specific groups in the directories’ database. The human editors thoroughly check the website and rank it based on the information they find, using a pre-defined set of rules. There are two significant directories at the time of writing they include, Yahoo Directory and Open Directory.

Meta Search Engines

It takes the results from all the other search engines results and combines them into one extensive listing. The key examples of metasearch include Metacrawler and Dogpile.

Specialty search enginessearch engines

It has been developed to cater to the demands of niche areas. There are many specialty search engines such as Froogle, BizRate, PriceSpy, Freeparking, among others.