Marketing a Law Firm With SEO

Marketing by using a law firm SEO is steadily becoming an essential factor in the complete strategy of a client and marketing generation plan for various law firms. Understanding the definition of SEO and different kinds of marketing on the internet is the foundation of building up your SEO strategy and law firm marketing.

Meaning of SEO

There are many talks these days about various internet marketing terms and strategies and SEO. The simple definition is that Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a method of optimizing the content on your web page so that it will be found by various search engines and will appear on a higher rank on the page results when internet users go on their browsers to perform a search.

The question now is where a legal firm begins its marketing strategy for its law firm SEO. The initial step is to build a searchable web page and search engine friendly. This has various elements that are needed to be implemented and examined. For building their webpage, it is necessary to make the site simple, appealing and has enough photos to attract possible clients.

Designing an SEO Web Page

Users will need to figure out the specific keywords the market and users are using to search for you and your site. You will need to think the same as a customer on what keywords are they using to find your law firm and specific images to show the location and photos of your law firm.

After determining the main keywords, the next step is to test the difficulty in ranking your web page based on the keywords that you have put and placed strategically on your website. You should pick keywords that are not too overused and not to waste time on using keywords that are overused like “lawyer” and “attorney”. You will soon realize that the competition is too vast for these keywords and you will have a more difficult time in increasing your rank on various search engines. Instead, you need to be specific and creative by focusing on long-tail keywords. For example, you could try using keywords like “petroleum gas attorney New Jersey” as your keyword, but it should be based on your area of expertise. Remember to think like a prospective client and to use various keywords to improve the rate of success of your website.

If you are focusing on a specific local market, you need to ensure that you incorporate search terms locally in selecting keywords. The last step in making your website is creating unique content. The content on your law firm must be unique, creative, informative and easy to navigate. Experiment with images, videos and original content which your clients will benefit from.

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