Web Design Mistakes to Avoid

Poor website design is one of the mistakes companies do. The circumstances become even more surprising when you consider the progress the web has made in terms of understanding technology and capabilities. That’s why you need to hire a professional when designing your website. Some of the features of poor website design are as follows.

Bad Color Design

Even if colors are meant to improve the website’s features, you need to make sure the colors are properly coordinated. Some sites make the mistake of using intense colors as the background, and light colors for the fonts.website

Slow Webpage

The loading time is slower when you make your website colorful. Considering that most users do not have the patience, the website’s beauty and fascinating information are useless if the website responds slowly.

Too Broad Webpage

Users are looking for important information, and it is not good if they need to scroll down or sideways to access the other parts of the webpage. This is not good as users want the whole information right away.

Disorganized Pattern

There are still some webpages where several relevant tabs are not arranged properly. They are instead located in separate parts on the page. This is an issue, as users will have a difficult experience locating the necessary tab to click because they are scattered.

Texts Difficult to Readoffice

The color of the font is intense, and the sizing is wrong. For example: if your website is aimed at older people, how can you expect them to read a website with strong background color and lighter font color?

Unnecessary Content

Some errors related to page loading and page design attributes are irrelevant information.

Limited Frames

Multiple frames are no longer needed because of advancements in webpage design. Yes, it still has some value just not to the point of loading excessively frames on the web site.

The webpage doesn’t have to be colorful. What you need are interesting articles and content. The above opinions recommend that an example of good website design is not always about appearance but also involves navigation and functionality.

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